Great Bay Insurance Agency offers outstanding life insurance coverage that will ensure your family or business is taken care of when you are no longer here.

Provide Financial Security for Your Family

Life Insurance is something that people know they need, yet most people do not have it...WHY???  Simply stated, people never like thinking about the possibility of their own death.  We work hard to help clients move past this notion, and to realize their family is most important and needs to be protected in the event of a tragedy.

Life insurance is essentially considered long-term financial planning, and the purchase of this insurance permits those who rely on you to continue in your absence without having to suffer a major financial crisis.  Even if you are not considered the "majority earner" in the family, the "stay-at-home" spouse is without a doubt equally as important.

In the event of your death as a "stay-at-home" spouse, all the tasks that you fulfilled will become paid tasks. This means that your spouse will have to pay someone to complete the tasks that you used to do. Whether you are the "breadwinner" or a "stay-at-home" spouse, both rolls are equally as critical and should therefore be protected in the event of a tragedy.

You can provide financial security and safety for your family or business by contacting us for more information. We are located on the beautiful Seacoast of New Hampshire and have been serving the people of New England proudly for over 35 years.