Resolving to become more financially fit is a common resolution for many people in 2018. Some surveys suggest we place it as high in priority as eating healthier and getting more exercise. Studies also show that about 80% of people will fail to stick to their resolutions for longer than six weeks.

retirement financial fitnessLet’s face it - money can be a major source of stress in our lives. We worry about earning it, spending it, losing it, growing it and protecting it. With a proper plan, money concerns can shift from being a source of stress to a source of security and peace of mind.

In much the same way that good health requires lifestyle changes for success, the same philosophy applies to achieving financial wellness. Here’s a look at how we are helping our clients on their way to achieving their financial goals.

Retirement Concerns

With Baby Boomers still heading into retirement in droves, and millennials concerned about the future of social security, the biggest concern for all ages is with regard to retirement savings. Older people want to know if they will have enough to live on and the younger generation is concerned with affording to get started early on being able to live life on their own terms in retirement.

At Great Bay Insurance Agency, we offer several retirement accounts:

Traditional IRA – Individual Retirement Account that allows for tax deductible contributions, but contributions (and earnings) are taxed upon distribution.
Roth IRA – Individual Retirement Account that does not allow for tax deductible contributions, but the distributions (including earnings) are not taxed as income.
SEP/SIMPLE IRA – a Simplified Employee Pension plan that allows employers to make contributions to their employees’ retirement and their own retirement. With a SIMPLE Plan, employees can opt for salary deducted contributions and the employer makes matching,
non-elective contributions.
403(b) Plans – a tax sheltered annuity for employees of public schools and certain tax-exempt organizations.
401(k) Rollover – allows for a rollover of a 401(k) balance with a former employer plan into an IRA without creating a taxable event.

We have a broad range of investment solutions for each of these retirement savings accounts and determining which ones are appropriate for you is part of the service we provide.

Let Us Help You Get Started Today

Sometimes taking the first step in taking charge of your financial future seems the most daunting. Where to begin? Whom to trust? What do I need?

What many people do not realize is our agents have the knowledge and experience to help assess your total financial situation. We work with individuals, small businesses, non-profits and people in all stages of life to evaluate their needs and present solutions. Learn more about how we can help.

Every situation is unique and the decisions you make must also be unique to your personal needs. We start with a free consultation, at your convenience, to understand your present circumstances, financial position and your short-term and long-term goals. From here, we identify gaps in your overall plan and provide options within your budget for consideration. There is no cost or obligation for our consultation.

Since it costs nothing for a conversation, why not schedule your personal evaluation? Call us at 603.743.4247 or visit us online to arrange your appointment today!

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