Life Happens - Are You Ready? If there is anything we know about life, it is that it's mostly unpredictable, but that does not mean we can't be well changes ebb tide

There are certain milestones we can plan for and other life changes that we may not readily anticipate. The key is to plan for what we expect, and be well prepared to adapt to the unexpeted.

At Great Bay Insurance Agency, we work with our clients on a financial plan to best position them for life changes. We start with a consultation to learn about their current circumstances and their goals for the future. There are certain fundamentals we review to be sure clients are well protected with adequate insurance and an investment plan for short-term and long-term priorities. From here, we identify any gaps in their plan and provide options within their budget to help them achieve proper coverage and fund their investment goals.

We also regularly meet with clients to review their progress and discuss life changes that will impact their financial plan and insurance needs. We educate them to identify any number of life events that should trigger a re-evaluation:

Job Change

Salary Change

Changes In Employer Insurance Coverage or Retirement Plan Eligibility

Marriage / Divorce

Having A Child

Buying A Home

New Business

Caring For Aging Parents

Adopting Grandchildren


We are committed to the long-term well-being of our clients and we help them to be prepared for these kind of events, the ones we can often anticipate. For the things we cannot foresee, our planning helps them to better manage life's most unexpected challenges, and we're right there to help them navigate.

If you are anticipating any of these life changes and would like to arrange a free consultation, please contact me today at 603.743.4247.

Your Great Bay Insurance Agent,

Sandy Salava