No matter what age you are, it is important to have a financial plan and to revisit it at least once a year. With the coming of fall, we tend to turn our attention back to all of the things we put off during the care free days of summer. When it comes to financial planning, we find that procrastination is otherwise usually driven by four things: age, time, budget or uncertainties.pablo 66

At Great Bay Insurance Agency, we offer a free consultation and work one-on-one with you to evaluate your needs. A consultation with our agent is an opportunity to set aside some time to share concerns, get answers to your questions and come away with the expert advice you need to make informed decisions. Now is the perfect time to review your goals, refine your plan or establish a plan to put your best financial foot forward in the New Year.

What do I get from a consultation?
We have a due diligence process that is designed to identify your goals and needs, as well as your financial ability to fund them. In the industry, this is called a comprehensive financial needs analysis. Sounds a little invasive, right? Really, it is a conversation where we'll talk about your age, sources and amounts of income, family, obligations, current investments, and existing insurance coverage. We'll also talk about your attitude toward risk in life and finances, your tolerance for risk, and your capacity to adapt to changes in financial circumstances. Based on our conversation and our professional evaluation of your needs, we can help you determine how much and what kind of insurance is right for you, given your budget.

Think you can't afford life insurance?

Your personal scenario will define our recommendations and the cost of your coverage. We offer a multitude of products for every budget and many customization options to tailor a proposal for your consideration. We work with clients on reviewing their budget to help them prioritize discretionary expenses to reach their objectives. The security you want might be hiding in your daily grande! What is important to understand is our professional consultation is available to you at no cost, and you're under no obligation, so you have everything to gain by becoming more educated from this process.

What does life insurance mean at my age?

Most people purchase life insurance primarily for the death benefit, but there are also living benefits with whole life insurance that can play a significant role in your financial blueprint

Ages 23-30 You are young, unmarried, with no dependents, a solid member of the work force, still in graduate school, or both - with little discretionary income. Perhaps you think are too young to need life insurance or have too few assets accumulated to need a financial plan. These are exactly the reasons why you should consider life insurance now. Did you know? Should you pass away without life insurance, the co-signer on your private loans is legally responsible for your debt and the full balance is usually due immediately. Assuming you are in good health, buying a life insurance policy at a young age can mean more favorable rates. With a whole life insurance policy, you can protect your loved ones and accumulate a cash value over time to help pay one day for a wedding, buying your first home, or funding future education expenses.

Ages 31-50 At this stage, time seems to move more quickly. You are likely well-established in your career, married, with a mortgage and a growing family. The ideas you had about how your life would progress may have turned out to be very different and chances are you have been busy just rolling with the changes. Perhaps the children came more quickly than you planned, or you started your own business, and you might have even experienced some major life changes like divorce along the way. All of these changes warrant reconsidering your life insurance coverage to be sure it is adequate and update your beneficiaries.

Ages 50+ By now, the kids are ready for or have left for college, you may be considering downsizing your home, preparing for retirement or enjoying the golden years. All of these changes are significant to your financial objectives and if you haven't revised your strategy from building to protecting your income, now is the time to start.

Life is busy.

We understand, and we're here to meet with you at your convenience to develop your plan or review your objectives. Revisiting your financial plan and insurance coverage is recommended on an annual basis. Call us at 603.743.4247 to schedule your free consultation. It costs nothing to have a conversation 

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